Vanity Circus
Illustrations by Sandra Maria Hirschmann

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If you enjoy my work and would like to support me, you can find a selection of prints and fun stuff like mugs, pillows and bags at Society6.

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You can find selected prints over at Society6.

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Welcome to my portfolio! I'm Sandra from Germany and I have a strong passion for fantasy, sci-fi and character art. My portfolio features a small selection of my favourite illustrations. Enjoy!

EXOTIQUE 3 (p.150) Ballistic, 2007
EXOTIQUE 2 (p.128) Ballistic, 2006
The New Masters of Fantasy (interactive CD-Rom) Epilogue, 2004

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Paintings Drawings

  • Dare
  • Captain
  • Gon & Killua
  • Walter
  • Mika x Yuu
  • Big Boys
  • Yuuri & Konrad
  • Zoisy
  • Keep young and beautiful
  • Portrait
  • La Luna
  • Portrait
  • Dragon Catcher
  • Portrait
  • 09.09.99
  • Portrait
  • Haunted Soul
  • Portrait
  • Last Angel
  • Portrait
  • Queen of the Underworld
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